Yev Apocalypse

The Yev Apocalypse is an event that happened on 17th of January 2017 when a bug that arose from the incompatibility of the shopkeeper plugin with the newest Minecraft release caused some shopkeeper mobs to become real (yet usually glitchy) versions of themselves. The phenomenon was witnessed when an extreme presentation of it occured in Ender's shop at the 2nd spawn's mall, where the shopkeeper Yevs replicated indefinitely, creating an immense crowd inside the shop. Setting them loose resulted in masses of tradeable Yevs running around in the 2nd spawn (though since they were bug-born, they never replaced their trade inventories). The incompatibilty problem also posed a threat due to its potential to glitch hostile mob shopkeepers into actual hostile mobs. This was realized when a Spider Jockey from GlitchyBat's shop glitched into a real one and started attacking players.

Following the realization of the glitch by the administration, the shopkeeper plugin was summarily disabled (and wasn't activated again for quite some time).

The same bug occured months later in summer 2017 when the server was updated. However, updating the shopkeeper plugin together with the server fixed the bug immediately.

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