The Blood Moon rises… Fire spirits are awakening… Alqimar Aldam yrtifah… Aljinn tsityqz…

Act 1

On the evening of 28th of September 2015 someone noticed that the spawn is full of flags, who were greatly resembling american flags. American Flag Expert, Tomoko, recognised them as North Carolina flags. Hearing that, secret Society of Iron Armor began to move. It took some time to gather all the members, and when everything was ready, the Purge began.

First firesBurning the flags
Stand with flags on fire

Act 2

When the Purge was at it's peak, the man who placed the flags came to spawn. He quickly estimated the situation and disguised himself as member of the Society of Iron Armor. However, his armor was enchanted, so it had a purple glow, but most the society members didn't see that. Using the commotion, he set up a bomb at the spawn crossroads and managed to injure some of the people; after that he sneakily retreated. There were no casualties though, and no one remembered terrorist's face. The bomb produced a hole, good for the final ritual. One of the society members placed one of remaining flags in the hole and set it on fire. As it was burning, he and other members were throwing remnants of the burned flags in the pit. When the fire stopped and there was left nothing, but ashes, people carefully placed a sapling at the place of the ritual. After that, they repaired the road with hope that the sapling will be strong enough to break through it someday and went to their respective places. No one knows when Society of Iron Armor will appear again.

A flag in the pitThrowing flags
The last flagA new life is born

Between the lines

In 5 minutes after that, Russians conquered the moon.

Act 3

After seeing photos of flags burning in newspapers, another American Flag Expert, Hinoarashi, pointed out that the flags burned were not North Carolina flags, but were in fact the flags of the Confederate States of America. Tomoko decided to show his appreciation to the Europeans for showing their solidarity to the Union by constructing a giant US flag on top of his Mall.

Note from flag expert: The flag only has ten “Stars”, representing the best states of the Union: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota,Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Kuroki Cirnoko Saluting the flag with his Sword

Act 4

As sun began to rise, people of the server started to get up and do their daily chores. Most of them were surprised by sudden appearance of giant flag overnight. However, not all of them could tolerate that. As the evening came, and people began to return to their homes, some hooligans appeared. While no one was watching, they threw lots of packages with fire salts at the US Flag.

Note from a fire fighter: Fire salts is a modern variation of fireworks. They produce an effect similar to fire, but actually it is harmless and doesn't spread to combustible materials. However, on contact with human body, the used chemical reaction may cause severe burns and death, like with normal fire. Wearing gloves and other clothes is highly recommended when working with fire salts.

Fire salts in action

Act 5

Enraged Tomoko saw that and quickly called fire fighters and police. He recognized the face of one the hooligans and requested to take him to prison for the whole following day. He probably didn't take his pills that day, because with every minute he was more and more hysterical and unstable, especially after the policeman declined his request for imprisonment. A bit later he calmed down a bit and requested that policemen imprisoned the hooligan for more that 10 minutes; in exchange for that he promised to behave. However, after they imprisoned the suspect for 11 minutes (which is exactly 1 minute more that 10), Tomoko got totally mad. He returned to his house to take a bunch of explosives and tried to detonate the house of the hooligan, but was intercepted by another attentive policeman, who confiscated the dangerous items. After Tomoko promised not to use it, the confiscated material was returned. Enraged at the cop's tolerance for anarchy and the government taking away his “guns,” Tomoko went on a anti government rampage. As the police was still alerted, they put him to jail, hoping that he will calm down for the next day. When captured, he was constantly shouting curses at policemen, until he got an attention ​from Master Policeman who was watching an important football match on TV. After threat ​of severe punishment, he finally stopped shouting ​and just quietly complained until he finally got asleep.

Act 6

The following night, the long-gone King returned from his journey and began to fixing broken things in the world. The first broken thing he saw was the flag of US on spawn. It severely missed it's main component - fire. So the king fixed it. Also he found that breshikan boats and breshikan New Watertown also missed the same thing. Being generous, he returned the things to their proper places.
Learning about that, now-free Tomoko was frustrated again, but calling police was proved ineffective. So he extinguished the fire and made a symetrical response - he set King's mansion in Nouvelle Reims on fire. Also he went to Russian Blood Moon and burned it too.

US Flag in his normal stateBlood Moon became Fire Moon
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